How old do I have to be, to rent a car from your car rental company?

Drivers over 21 years of age and having a valid licence over a year are welcome. Some Groups require the age of the driver to be minimum 25 years old.

What is REALLY included in your prices or Special Offers?

We have a very strict all inclusive policy which you can read more details about, at the following page.

What is NOT included in your prices or Special Offers?

Fuel is not included in any rental (the renter pays for the fuel).
In addition all traffic fines and parking violations are paid by the client (authorized driver)

Can I reserve a specific vehicle model of a group that I desire?

Although our company is not obliged to book a specific brand or model vehicle of a group under your request, we will try our best to deliver the car you have asked for. This matter always depends of the availability and last minute scheduling.

Do I need a credit card to rent a car with Rental Center Crete?

No, there is no need to hold a credit card. Although, you can use a credit card to pay for the rental. To pay in advance you need to hold a credit or debit card (any card with Visa or Mastercard logo on it) and the holder’s name need to be registered as a driver.