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The Region of Agios Nikolaos

What to expect?

Agios Nikolaos is a town that contains lounge and cafes where one could visit in order to experience its archeological buildings and monuments. Agios has an amazing fact of an inlet –two water meeting at a single end. This has caused lots of people to want to witness such a great scenario that has left them in wonders. Agios Nikolaos has a special settlement. The creation is pleasing as the surrounding is stalked with cafes and restaurant which plays music and sophisticated by lots of lounge.

Agios Nikolaos has some cool sea-like places. They include: Lake of Kitroplatia beach, Marina and Port of Kitroplatia beach. These places are different from other beaches situated at Crete Island. This is because it is a point where two waters meet which has a small bridge on it. It has a very pleasant club houses where many people could hangout for any reason best known to the person. The point at which water meet to form an inlet is called Voulismeni. It is source all over Greece as the amusement centre.

Agios Nikolaos has some shops that specializes in internal decoration and China wears. To shop around things is much easier in Agios as sellers provide goods that are sort for in Island of Crete, Greece, and even the world at large. We offer car rent to people moving into the Agios for whatever reasons.


Like other regions of Crete, Agios has some fantastic beaches which serves as a resort centre.

Notable beaches in Agios include Ammos which a strewn sandy beach used basically by the Marina, Kitroplatia is a special beach that contains two part –one end is thick while the other is light and it is sandy too, Ammoudi and Havania are amazing clean beaches which are located along Elounda. Some other beaches worthy of examination in the area of Agios are: Almiros and Ammoudara –these are sandy beaches with a profile. Istron/Kalo Horio are great good beaches too that has been a great tourist centres for people all over the world. Elounda is a small sandy beach though but has amazing structure and Plaka which is a pebble strewn sandy beach. Beyond every risk associated with driving through the areas from one beach to the other, we have car rent. We have study the area and we have provided a befitting car to suit the purpose.

Golf courses centre

There are basically two golf courses in Crete: A course that is nine in whole is available at the Porto Elounda resort but the people for this course are people from outsiders which are by appointment. The second course is an eighteen full facilities golf course. Crete Golf Club, full facilities golf course.