Prefekturze Rethymno

The Region of Rethymno

One of the renowned regions of the Island of Crete for historical artefacts is Rethymno. It is a town that grew from the mixed sandy land, ancient times voodoo and historical development. There is only one mosque in the whole of Rethymno. The town comprises of archeological histories that combines, religious, blueprints of the Venetian gigantic buildings, catholic buildings, etc. Create a very nice place or yourself by visiting the third largest town in Crete.



Rethymno has an ancient cave called Ideon Andron cave. In the ancient times, Greece use this cave as an apartment reserved for males in the lower part of the house. Sequel to the kind of education practiced in Greece then, this cave contains remarkable remains of the part of the historical instances of how school started in the stone-age.

The Kourmas Lake is a great place for good scenery. This lake, surprisingly, has mountains built around it. The mountains are form in the different shapes that gives a wonderful sensation even at the sight of the mountains.

The weather in Rethymno is relatively cool as the winter and summer seasons are maintain in the subtropical region of the land. The breeze from around trees makes every season comfortable for every tourist, though the predominant season will tell what will be experienced the most. We offer car to move you around the town during your visit. The car will be at the port in the town for hire to specific locations based on your request.


Generally, beaches are the shore of a body of water, especially when sandy and pebble. These sea shores mostly have shingle in them but whatever part of the sea you found there is always solution. The notable beaches in Rethymno include: GeorgioupoliPlakia and Loutro beaches. From the airport where you highlight, we recommend that you hire a car for easy movements and wonderful tourism. We offer car rent for everyone.



The Venetian harbor built a remarkable fortress in Rethymno. This walls are one of the noticeable thing to observe even at the entrance of the region in Crete. This is the beginning of sightseeing as the walls are fascinating to the extent that many take its photographs for documentation. At this fortress is built an amazing big archeological building. This building contributes to the beauty of the fortress and the Rethymno itself. 



There are houses built exclusively for housing monks or others who have taken religious vows. These monasteries of Rethymno are very unique about the Island of Crete which is located in its region because some historical facts of how ancient inhabitants of the region has been greatly influenced by religion. In the inception of education in Greece (which is part of the origin of education), students are consecrated for religious purposes –Rethymno is the town. The monasteries in Rethymno are: Arkadi Monastery and Preveli Monastery. They have an ancient structure preserved for different purposes. People from far and near make it part of their number one priority.